1. pipe cleener
  2. clothes pins
  3. straws
  4. golf tees
  5. fly swatters
  6. pom pom
  7. finger paint
  8. balloons
  9. popsicle sticks

Ballon hockey

Balloon-Tennis-Indoor-Gross-Motor-Activity-Fly-Swatter-and-Balloons   I blow up a couple of balloons we each grab a fly swatter and go to town hitting them around the room.I let him it around for a while and then we also work on hitting it to keep it up in the air.

*EXTRA TIP FOR FUN (set up a goal and let them try to score)



Straw Threading
Cut the plastic straws into pieces.Let them thread the straw pieces into the pipe cleaners.

Golf tee hammering

Poke golf tees into a cardboard into a cardboard box and let them hammer them in.



Card slot drop
Cut a slot in the lid of a container and have them drop the cards in.

Zip log bag finger painting
IMG_2302Put a few blogs paint into zip log bags.Seal them tightly and tape to a window or table.Let them finger paint just like they would on a pice of paper.
*TIPS (talk about what colors mix together to make new colors)


Car ramp
Draw lanes on a cardboard box to make a car ramp.Let their cars down it.

Fun with cans
See how high they can stack them up.See them up like bowling pins and let them bowl with a wiffle bowl of tennis.

Pom pom drop
IMG_6777 pompom drop and places to sort by colorSave your toilet paper or paper towel rolls.Tape them to a door or wall and let them drop the pom pom through.
*TIPS (give them tongs or a chlothespin to make a picking up the pom pom more chellenging.





The owl soul





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